How Juice Fasting Makes You A Better Executive

What made you click? Do you want to become a better executive? Or have you heard about...

Sven Milder
August 29, 2021

What made you click? Do you want to become a better executive? Or have you heard about the benefits of juice fasting, but it still sounds vegan and spooky to you?

Whatever the reason is, I am in it together with you and love to share my personal experience and why I believe you should give this a shot and dial this concept in your quarterly personal rituals.

After 2 decades running my own companies, I am dedicating this year my time to help other executives to launch, grow and scale their companies, with a strong focus on tech and online.

Now that by itself is super cool. Nothing is more satisfying than to help others succeed. But this comes with a personal price I need to pay, which is loads of computer work, a heavy travel schedule, and an ability to constant focus.

After feeling regularly flaws of being unhealthy, lack of energy, uncomfortable not spending enough time with my loved one, overworked and being all over the place.

I went deep on my discovery tour to nail down these annoying emotions and set a target to convert these into true benefits instead. As an unexpected result, I landed up with a juice fasting ritual on a quarterly base as the go to solution.

What is juice fasting?

A juice fast is a period of a minimum of 3 days all the way up to 60 days where you will only drink juice extracts from mother natures best offerings, which are vegetables and fruits while combining this with fresh water, vegetable broth (= a lifesaver), green (sugarless) tea and coconut water.

In this period, you will need to drink 2 liters of cold-pressed juice and a minimum of 2 liters of water each day, while skipping everything else. It’s as simple as that.

What is juice fasting?

Our digest system is the sponge of our body. It sucks all the essential energies out of the food we are eating. The more nutritious the food we swallow down into the pipe, the better we feel.

That being said. In our world with macaroni mac&cheese instantly available on our favorite food delivery apps, a macD on every street corner, fast food options around us and supermarkets packed with processed food, it is an easy guess that:

  1. We aren’t eating the right food
  2. Sugar levels will spike up our insulin levels and let us feel drowsy
  3. Our body needs to use all her available energy to digest this kinda bad food

Think about the latter. Can you imagine what will happen if your digestive system doesn’t need to use all its focus on processing these foods? And in constrast, she can easily retrieve all she needs from the extracted liquids packed with sunlight energized vitamins

This all results in the outcome that your body can and will use the extra energy to clean up other parts of the body. In example our liver, our skin, our digestive system.

Yes it’s true, you’ll feel shitty for the first three days, cause our inner voice keeps on shouting for food in our mind. Why? Because we aren’t eating, because we don’t take in the sugars. And because we aren’t listening to this inner voice, you’ll get headaches. I was expecting the worst, but In my case, frankly speaking, it was all very doable.

The first three days were hard because your body is busy with its clean-up, but after day four the benefits are skyrocketing.

What are the benefits of juice fasting and how will this translate into being a better executive.

#1 More Energy

After three days of juice fasting, you’ll sparkle from energy. You will feel light, you are flexible. The moment you’ll wake up you are ready to go all day. No dinner dips, no fatigue, no weakness. You’ll have so much energy that you’ll get more done than normally.

#2 More Focus

For some of you, this will sound crazy, but I’d love to see the truth in it. From ancient times, we are hunters looking for food. During our fast our eyesight, our smell, our mind. All senses turn into super sharp radars. Why? Because our mind is focussed on hunting for food. Instead, we can use these superpowers to get our most important work done.

#3 More Clarity

In your fasting period, your clarity grows. You’ll notice and see opportunities that you were not seeing before. I have written these all down and put action on it. These moments of clarity have brought me new insights that translated into revenue growth.

#4 More Time

Because you don’t need to take the time to lunch or make dinner, you’ll save over 1.5 hours a day that you can spend on other tasks or if you prefer with your kids or lovedones.

#5 Improved Sleep

After the first three days of your fast, you’ll gain the benefit of an improved sleep cycle. This is mainly because your body doesn’t spend time on digesting food. Better sleep will make us feel happy, rested and more effective

#6 Losing Bodyfat

During my fast, which was 7 days, I have lost over 3kilograms of bodyfat. This translated into a better appearance.

#7 Grow your discipline

You can imagine that when your body screams for attention and for food, it is by times difficult to say no to all these cravings. In contrast, hanging in there and sticking up with your personal promises and motivations of not eating, but limiting yourself to juice only requires you to say no. This will grow your discipline by itself, which can be beneficial in other areas of your work.

Whatever benefit you’ll experience, maybe even different or more than I did, the main take away is that by times we should reset our bodies. By taking good care, we will drive significant impact in areas that we experience as normal.

My next juice fasting is planned in coming September 2019. This time, I will go for 14 days in a row.

Share your comments below. What were your experiences? What is holding you?

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