What If Raising Capital is Just like Seducing Your First Big Love…

That is the exact concept that I discussed in Monday’s webinar that I hosted on Youtube on...

Sven Milder
August 29, 2021

Does that sound strange to you?

That is the exact concept that I discussed in Monday’s webinar that I hosted on Youtube on “How To Prepare for Your Capital Raising”

Often we overcomplicate raising Startup Capital. We feel pressure to perform. You don’t want anything to go wrong. You don’t want to waste the opportunity to fund your business.

I fully understand these emotions and insecurities. Why? I have been there myself many times.

You’ll succeed with your challenges if you simplify the challenge:

What if I tell you that for a lot of our biggest challenges in life, we simply need to look for other concepts that have a similar process but feel familiar to us, so we can Rock it.

In last Monday’s webinar, I discussed exactly that. The replay is still available for you:

>> Webinar “How to Prepare For Fundraising” <<

In the fundraising preparation phase, there are three main elements to cover before you start.

#1. Finding your investor is like finding your big love

Finding an investor that fits your business requires you to ask yourself questions before you go out hunting. Truth is, not all investors will fit you.

It’s the same with our LOVE LIFE. Not everyone is a match made in heaven.

I want to inspire you. Don’t just send out your pitch deck to every investor. Find your real match based on geographical location, sector and maximum ticket size to name a few.

Discover it and work with the tools that I shared and highlighted in the webinar.

#2. Impress Your Investor

An investor is on average receiving hundreds of pitch deck each year.

Their target is to look out of for Startups in the market that will make a chance to multiply their investment. It is all about derisking the opportunity.

In order for you to stand out and get noticed, you will need to carefully engineer the impressions that you want your investor to have from you and your amazing company.

Similar it works with our Big Loves. Your Big Love will not just jump over the fence. He or She would like to know that you are the right fit. It’s all about evaluating the first impression.

So stand out! Be awesome! Look great online! Spend time on your LinkedIn profiles! Your social profiles! Craft your company PR story. Be the expert. Be a winner.

#2 More Focus:

You can imagine that when your body screams for attention and for food, it is by times difficult to say no to all these cravings. In contrast, hanging in there and sticking up with your personal promises and motivations of not eating, but limiting yourself to juice only requires you to say no. This will grow your discipline by itself, which can be beneficial in other areas of your work.

Whatever benefit you’ll experience, maybe even different or more than I did, the main take away is that by times we should reset our bodies. By taking good care, we will drive significant impact in areas that we experience as normal.

My next juice fasting is planned in coming September 2019. This time, I will go for 14 days in a row.

Share your comments below. What were your experiences? What is holding you?



#3. Build a Relationship with your Investor

Ones you have identified your investor engineered your “first online impression”, it’s time to reach out and build a valuable relationship.

Eventually, we are all human and we love to connect with other people. So asking money straight off the boat, will not work.

Build that relationship first, then ask to review your pitch/money is a promising idea.

Too many times messages are dropped in mailboxes without any proper introduction. This will not reward your time invested and is ready to fail alarm.

On top of that, while fundraising, you’ll want to have all munition ready to shoot with laser focus. Without a relationship, you can only count on your pitch deck.

Unfortunately, the pitch deck is in a lot of situations not the best as well. So a missed opportunity.

I hope I have inspired you to ace your preparation.

Talk to you soon. Have an amazing day.

Sven Milder


PS: If you’d love me to help you with your fundraising activities. Feel free to reach out to me sven.milder@thestartupchef.com

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